Custom Size Instructions


  • Use a tailors tape to make all measurements
  • Make all measurements in Centimeters
  • Most accurate if you have an assistant making measurements
  • While measuring wear only what you will wear while diving
  • While measuring keep arms relaxed at your side and back straight
  • Tape should be against body but not tight or pinching 
1 Total hight from top of head to floor
2 Sholder width from acromion tip to tip.
3 Arm length Acromion tip to wrist bone (hand side)
4 Chest circumference at widest point (female: widest point over breasts)
4A Circumference directly under breasts ( female only)
5 Base of neck to crotch length from vertebra on neck base to anus
6 Waist circumference at navel
7 Hip circumference  at widest piont
8 Thigh circumference  at widest point
9 Calf circumference  at widest point
10 Inside leg length from crotch to mid ankle bone.
11 Head circumference at crown
12 Neck circumference at center
12A Neck length from chin to suprasternal notch (hollow)
13 Bicep circumference at rest widest point
14 Forearm circumference at rest widest point
15 Wrist circumference below the bone (hand side)
16 Ankle circumference above bone (leg side)
17 Shoe size

    **click this link to print and take to your local tailor if you are unable to measure yourself accurately**