Heiwa Nylon Super Stretch

Elios USA

The Heiwa Super Stretch is a fantastic option for the recreational diver who wants a highly comfortable yet durable suit. A well rounded suit that is both performance and economy. It is incredibly warm, highly elastic and very comfortable but is less expensive than some of its higher end cousins. This suit is loved by record holders and novices alike.  With Super stretch nylon inside and out it can be donned dry without lubrication.
Shipping - All of our suits are hand made in Cattolica Italy by only a hand full of skilled tailors. They will take some time to arrive at your door, six weeks or more at times. But trust us, they are well worth the wait.

Warranty – We guarantee our suits will be free from manufacturing and material defect for one year from the date of purchase. Shipping charges may apply and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Collections: Heiwa, Recreational

Type: Rec Suit

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